My Tattoos!

For my 16th birthday, I was begging my parents to let me get my nose pierced. No. No. No. I decided if that was a no go, I would try asking for a tattoo. Surprisingly, my parents were okay with that. Weird, I know. It’s permanent! Eleven years later, I now have six with a couple more planned for the future. Every tattoo has a meaning and I do keep them small(er). I always made sure I was thinking about my future and had a way to cover each one up if needed.

As I went to the tattoo shop, I was super nervous but so excited! My best friend went with me and got her first tattoo as well so it helped calm my nerves a little. I had decided on a flower on the top of my foot. To be honest, I enjoyed it! I didn’t think it was as painful as it looked. Now there were a couple spots on the foot that did hurt a little.. like as it got closer to my toes and closer to my ankle. My flower tattoo is the only one of mine that I do have color. I did touch up the color a couple years after having it. It’s been 11 years total that I’ve had it and I feel like I could use a second touch up again sometime when I think about it! I love all my tattoos but this one is my favorite.. maybe because I see it the most.


A year later, I decided to get a tattoo on my shoulder blade. I got this tattoo in memory of my dad. He passed away when I was 14 years old. I love that it is unique and has the tribal through the flower. This one was easyyyy. If you don’t have any tattoos and are thinking about getting one.. shoulder blades are one of the best first tattoo places.


Another year passed and I got my 3rd and 4th tattoo on the same night. I went with the wrists this time. On one wrist, I have Phil. 4:13, which is my favorite bible verse. When I’m feeling down, I definitely look at it as a reminder that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. On the other wrist, I have a symbol that is an A with a 4 and an E attached which means always and forever. I did this along with the bible verse for my love for Jesus which is always and forever! These tattoos were very easy and very quick! I actually was so nervous for these though. I was so afraid they were going to hurt because it seems like it would be a very sensitive spot, but they were a piece of cake! I do love these tattoos and I love the fact that if I do need to cover them, I can by long sleeves or by bracelets/watch.



After those, I did wait about 4 years before getting my 5th tattoo. After having my daughter, I wanted a tattoo for her. I decided to get a saying with her name on my hip. This spot wasn’t bad either! Ignore the pajama pants! 😉


Another 4 years passed by and I finally had gotten a tattoo that I had reallyyy wanted for quite some time. For my birthday last year, I went and got a cross behind my ear. I really love this tattoo. I love that I can hide it if needed by wearing my hair down and show it off all I want by wearing my hair up. It’s small and cute. I was a little nervous for this one because it had been a couple years and wasn’t sure how it would feel behind the ear. Honestly, it felt like a head massage in a way! It was really quick and didn’t hurt at all.


I do have to say, I love the way tattoos feel when getting them, so I don’t find them painful. Also, they are very addicting. Before you leave the chair, you’ll be thinking about your next one!

Tattoos aren’t for everyone. That’s okay. I love mine and I feel like tattoos are interesting and make people unique!


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