It’s Okay If You’re Not Where You Thought You’d Be In Life…

If you asked me years ago where I thought I’d be in life at age 27, this is what I would have told you: I would be married, with children, buying my first home, money in the bank, and being in a job that I loved. Basically, a real adult with all of her crap together.

I didn’t have my whole life planned out but I did have an idea of where I’d be and what I’d want when I was in my late 20’s.

But now I’m 27, and I’m not quite where I thought I’d be at this age years ago.

I’m not married. I was – I guess that counts some. I do have a child, but I thought I’d have 2-3 children by now. I haven’t bought my first home and I probably won’t for quite a while. I don’t have money in the bank – as a single mom I’m living paycheck to paycheck right now. I am fixing to be in a job that I love. So overall, not bad, but I’m just getting started to whereas when I was younger, I thought I’d be started way before now.

Whoa – talk about stress and anxiety at times.

But – it’s okay if you’re not where you thought you’d be in life right now.

What does that even mean?

As a kid, you form an idea of the person you will be when you grow up. Due to society, music, television, and just other people, you see and hear of people certain ages doing and accomplishing certain things, so you begin to associate ages with milestones. 21 is the age you party. 25 is the age you start to figure your life and career path out. 28 is when you have a high-powered job. 30 is when you start having kids, if you haven’t already.

As you get older, you realize that this timeline you created for yourself is just crap! But for some reason, you still feel like you’re expected to accomplish all these things by these ages.

In reality, you’re the only one holding yourself accountable for that life timeline. Stop comparing yourself to others. You’re the only one disappointed that you haven’t accomplished certain things.

If we all progressed through life at the same speed and wanted the same things at the same time, that would be boring, just as if we were all the same.

So no, I’m not where I thought I’d be at 27 years old, and that’s okay. I’m getting there. Some of my wants have changed since I was a kid or a teenager. Sometimes life happens and interrupts. It’s time to toss your old life timeline in the trash. Take life as it comes. Do what makes you happy. You’ll be so much happier once you stop associating ages with milestones and just start living your life.


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